adnety is the perfect partner to work with if you need to run advertising campaigns with full page pop under ads. We work only with premium publishers and ad networks, and, for us, the client satisfaction is the top priority. Advertiser Sign-Up

Reasons to work with adnety pop under network
– we work only with genuine publishers who served real impressions on the advertisers campaigns.
– self-serve pop under network: control over campaigns status, bids, categories, frequency cap, etc.
– the impressions are filtered with our anti-bot system and the bad sources are cut off before they reach the client landing page (url)
– campaign targeting by: operating system(desktop or mobile pop under ads – Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Other Mobile), country, category, browser, language, etc.
– tracking tokens (parameters) to identify the converting websites
– personal account manager (skype or email support)

Advertiser Dashboard
– quick campaign creation and approval.
– advertiser have full control over the campaign settings after approval
– payments processed with Paypal, $50 minimum deposit
– minimum bid: $0.002 (2$ per 1000 impressions)

Campaigns guideline and refunds
– we do not accept landing pages with hidden downloads, browser freezing codes, malwares, viruses of any kind and illegal content( drugs, violence, guns, etc.)
– we will refund any remaining balance if such request is made or we fail to delivery the service

Questions & Answers

1) What are pop under ads?
A: Pop unders are background windows which pop whenever a page of a publishers is clicked. Using a network feature, called Frequency Cap, an advertiser or a publisher can set how many times the ad will be display for a certain visitor.

2) What is the source of adnety pop under traffic?
A: We work only with direct publishers and verified advertising networks.

3) How do i start?
A: Create an advertiser account using the sign-up link from the main menu, credit your account using PayPal and submit your campaign for approval. We will approve it in maximum 12h.

4) What are the campaign options?
A: Daily buget, Category Target, Device target(desktop and mobile), Browser target, Raw Traffic(IP Cap), Pause/Resume campaign, Disallow websites which send traffic to a particular campaign,

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