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If you are looking for an ad management software for your website or an ad network script , look no more. You found it!!! adnety is a simple ad serving solution for managing and serving ads trough direct links, pop unders and pop up ads. Get your own ad server today!

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adnety Quick

adnety Ad Network Script is the perfect solution to use in order to create powerfull ad serving platforms for desktop and mobile inventory. Here are some of the top features of the advertising network script

Easy to manage

Easy to use dashboard. No technical skills are required. Once installed on your server you can start running it from day one. Top ad serving platform

Anti BOT tool

With adnety Ad Network Script your clients will be 100% satisfied by the service quality . The engine has an Anti BOT tool which can filter the bad traffic in the system.

No database required

You got that right! This ad serving solution do not need a SQL database to run. This increase speed in ad delivery and you can forget the issues from running huge databases.

Live Statistics

Everybody knows how important is to have real time reports in the advertising industry. Having this in mind , the ad management script has a built in module to help the users take the best required actions.

AD Formats

The ad network script can be used to deliver advertisments trough this three most used ad fomats: pop-unders (site unders), pop-ups(overlay ads) and direct links.


adnety targeting options for advertising campaigns: GEO target, operating system(mobile and desktop) and browser target. There is also a limit of impressions you can set for 24h.

Ad Network Script Demo

Please use the bellow buttons to access the demo for adnety ad management software

Admin Demo Panel Advertiser Demo Panel Publisher Demo Panel

Admin Dashboard – User: demo | Password: demo

Advertiser Dashboard – User:| Password: demo

Publisher Dashboard – User: | Password: demo

ad server for Ad Networks

ad network script

With adnety Ad Network Script you can start your own advertising network simple like 1,2,3. You will be acting like a middle-man between advertisers and publishers and make profit dealing with website traffic. The back-engine will be installed on your own server(hosting), no need to pay monthly fees for served traffic. The advertising network script use CPM as ad serving model ( CPM – cost per mille ). You will be paid by advertisers for every 1000 impressions served and you will pay your publishers a revenue share rate from your income(usually other ad networks in the advertising industry work with a 60-80% revenue share for their publishers).

ad server for Advertising Agencies

ad serving script

adnety Ad Management Software is also a good ad serving solution which can be used by advertising agencies around the globe to run advertising campaigns for their clients. Working on different dashboards of agency partners( ad networks, websites owners, traffic exchanges) can be time consuming. With our ad server solution, advertising agencies can increase their productivity and scale up their profit in no time. The only thing need to be done is to gather all the traffic they need from their network partners and let our ad serving script do the magic(automatic inventory distribution base on campaigns settings, full control over the served traffic quality).

ad server for On-site Ad Management

ad management script

Do you want to manage and sell your own traffic inventory ? Do you have a big inventory which need to be monetized trough different channels? Are you searching for a solution to monetize your website traffic? Well, you are in the right place. We can help. You can now integrate adnety ad management software directly on your website and manage your growing inventory without the use of third-party partners. You will have full control over your traffic:
– you can set the price are you willing to sell
– manage unlimited campaigns based on GEO target, operating system or browser targeting
– sell only the remnant traffic to advertising networks
– have control over the ads displayed on your website

Price for adnety Ad Management Software

For owning the Ad Network Script, a one time payment of $5000 is required. No monthly fees.

Our client will get: free script setup on the server, one week training and support regarding the use of the ad serving dashboard, fully functional wordpress plugin, front-end files (usefull data if the client is using the script for an advertising network)

*** We are also available for custom front-end and back-end design or develop new features for the back engine. Request A Quote

Looking for a whitelabel solution?

We’ve got you cover. Please see the table below and let us know what plan are you interested in. You will have your own network up and running in no time.

5M impressions/month
Additional traffic: $0.05/1000 impressions
Best Deal
10M impressions/month
Additional traffic: $0.05/1000 impressions
30M impressions/month
Additional traffic: $0.04/1000 impressions

What are pop-unders?

Pop unders ads (pop ads) do not interrupt the user from browsing on the websites they are visiting (except on code with redirects) and are not seen until the browsing window is closed. The advertisment (full page pop under ads) are loaded in the site under window and are one of the most efficient way to advertise your business. When are used with moderation (unique or low IP cap) they can generate good profits for publishers and maximize the revenue for advertisers/affiliates/webmasters.

Pop unders can be used to: increase the traffic on websites to rank better on search engines, load affiliates offers and generate sales, leads or desired actions on website pages, load image or code banners to make your brand known to the online users. And all of that with lower costs than the other advertising models.

What are pop-up ads?

Pop-up ads or pop-ups are forms of online advertising which are are very similar to pop-under ads. The diffrence between those two is that while pop-unders are open in a site-under window pop-ups are loaded on top of the active opened page.

What are direct link ads?

Direct link ads gained a lot of popularity in the last years mainly because of browser ad blockers and also are heavily used by ad networks to sell, buy or exchange traffic. The direct links ads are used also by publishers to bring traffic to the network they work with from external sources ( social pages, apps, website redirects, parked domains, expired domains).

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