Ad Management Script Features

General Script Info

✓ Easy to use interface: very intuitive dashboard
✓ Real Time Reports for advertisers and publishers
✓ No database needed to run the script on your server: the data is stored in .txt files
✓ Supported AD formats: pop-up, pop-under, direct link ads
✓ Traffic Filter: filter proxy ,fake hits
✓ Unlimited panels for advertisers and publishers
✓ Available targeting options:
– geographical campaign target(by country)
– operating system target: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, Ios
– browser target: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari

Admin Panel

Check the Admin Demo Panel

✓ One page network health status: get the status of your entire network( active publishers, active advertisers, traffic flow graphic)
✓ Administrate Advertisers
– Create, manage, view , delete advertiser panels
– Send public notifications to advertisers
– Send private or bulk messages to advertisers
– View payment history
✓ Administrate Publishers
– Create, manage, view, delete publisher panels
– Send public notifications to publishers
– Send private or bulk messages to publishers
– View payment history
✓ General Setup of the ad management script
– Create new admin users for the network
– Add general network info ( site title, contact emails)
– Payment options setup(PayPal and Stripe are the default script payment options used)
– Unsold traffic Management ( sell the traffic to other partners trough xml, JS code, direct links)
– CPM settings: the CPM value for advertisers, the revenue share for publishers and minimum amount to release payments
– Enable or disable the ad delivery on the system

Publisher Panel

Check the Publisher Demo Panel

✓ Outstanding account creation based on simplicity(sign-up/login only with a valid payment email address)
✓ Ad code generated automatically for: direct links, pop-under and pop-up ads
✓ Real Time Statistics for the account data( traffic, earnings)
✓ WordPress Plugin for ad code integration

Advertiser Panel

Check the Advertiser Demo Panel

✓ Quick account creation
✓ Automatic payments trough default available options: PayPal, Stripe
✓ Campaign setup options: landing page, campaign name, traffic flow settings, GEO target, browser target, operating system target
✓ Pause/Resume option on active campaigns