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What is ad serving?

Ad serving describes the technology and service that places advertisements on web sites. With adnety ads delivery system you can create your own ad server in minutes and use it to serve ads trough popunders , pop ads and direct links. Create an advertising network and start making money dealing with website traffic.
adnety ads delivery system

Who can use the adnety – ads delivery system?

The ad server powered by adnety can be used by:

  • Publishers (website or app owners): The script can be used to manage growing inventory without the use of third-party partners. Publishers can sell the traffic(desktop or mobile) directly to advertisers, they will have full control over the ad quality which are triggered from their web pages and, in the same time, they can increase their profits without paying parts of their revenue to ad netwoks.
  • Advertisers: When you buy media(traffic) in bulk, the need for a proper ad server like adnety ads delivery system is highly important to have full control over your ad operations. A few reasons that should be considered for owning your own adserver: track campaign statistics, creative control, centralized ad management, data ownership, lower costs to run the advertising campaigns.
  • Advertising agencies: ad agencies can increase their productivity and scale up their profit in no time. Instead of working on different partners dashboards which can be time consuming, advertising agencies can use this independent and ready to go adserving solution on their own servers. No monthly fees.
  • Webmasters or companies: start your own selfserve advertising network simple like 1,2,3. You will be acting like a middle-man between advertisers and publishers and make profit dealing with website traffic. The back-engine will be installed on your own server(hosting). You will be paid by advertisers for every 1000 impressions served and you will pay your publishers a revenue share rate from your income.

adnety – ads delivery system main features

✓ Easy to use interface: very intuitive dashboard
✓ Real Time Reports for advertisers and publishers
✓ No database needed to run the script on your server: the data is stored in .txt files
✓ Supported AD formats: pop-up, pop-under, direct link ads
✓ Traffic Filter: filter proxy ,datacenter traffic, blocked IP ranges
✓ Unlimited panels for advertisers and publishers
✓ Available targeting options: GEO, OS (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS), browser target

What you get when you order adnety ad server

Our client will get: free script setup on the server, one week training and support regarding the use of the ad serving dashboard, fully functional wordpress plugin, front-end files (usefull data if the client is using the script to run an popunder or pop-up advertising network. We are also available for custom front-end and back-end design or develop new features for the back engine.

What are popunders and pop-up ads?

A type of window with different sizes which can appear under the browser window of a website(if the promoted ads are loaded in a popunder) or on top of the window the user is browsing(in case of pop-up ads).

Ad server Demo

Please use the bellow buttons to access the demo for adnety – ads delivery system

Admin Demo Panel Advertiser Demo Panel Publisher Demo Panel

Admin Dashboard – User: demo | Password: demo

Advertiser Dashboard – User:| Password: demo

Publisher Dashboard – User: (no password needed)

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